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    We used the services of Vic Nikkel and Full House Inspections, Inc. to do an inspection on a condo we were considering buying in Naples, Florida. We live out of state, so we were totally reliant on Vic to be our

    representative and root out any potential problems or concerns.

    I was very impressed with the job Vic Nikkel did. He spent a significant amount of time at the property and submitted a very comprehensive and detailed report regarding the structure as well as the mechanical, electrical, and major appliances. During the inspection, he discovered that the age of the AC unit had been misrepresented on the initial detailed residential offering. Armed with this information we were able to advocate for a two year home warranty on the property from the seller to protect us against any possible future problems.

    Based on the report's findings, we felt confident to move ahead with the purchase. That was more than a year ago and we have had no problems or repairs to date.

    Huddleston, VA

    Mr. & Mrs. R. Hays